Ruelle feat. Fleurie - Carry You

Совместная композиция двух американских инди-исполнительниц Мэгги Экфорд и Лорен Страм в стиле воздушного эмбиента.
29 ноября 2018 | Комментарии: 2
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Комментарии (2)
yanzzah (30 ноября 2018 23:34)
too main stream track to be posted here. not so different of what we all hear on radio these days. nothing exclusive about this sorry to say.
Count_Death (1 декабря 2018 00:01)
If that kind of music is frequetly played on the radio in your country you're lucky person. If the music on the radio it turnes autumatically to be bad music or what? So with that logic Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and many many more bands you and other users of Synthema like could be easily included in that category.
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