AkMD - Abstract Concept Of Mind (2023)

AkMD - Abstract Concept Of Mind (2023)

Artist: AkMD
Title: Abstract Concept Of Mind
Label: Not On Label (AkMD Self-released)
Format: Digital Album
Country: Russia
Style: Experimental, Electro-Industrial, Dark Electro, Abstract, Ambient

Новый альбом российского проекта AkMD "Abstract Concept Of Mind" с ремиксами от END-TEK, Index AI, bent, Side 3 и Darktron.


1. Abstract Minds
2. Brain Damage
3. Obsession
4. Distortion
5. Smother The Pain
6. In Hell
7. Creeping Death
8. Feel It Once
9. Ruthless
10. Living Death
11. Promise
12. Uncontrollable Addiction
13. Manic Hypnosis
14. Natural Reflection
15. Creeping Death (Not Coming Back Remix By End-Tek)
16. Obsession (Tantalus Remix By Index AI / Eric Chamberlain)
17. Smother The Pain (Suppression Of Pain By Bent) Mastered by Arnte
18. Smother The Pain (M Slagle (Side 3) Remix)
19. Smother The Pain (Darktron Remix)
20. Smother The Pain (Glitch Traum Rework By End-Tek)

10 октября 2023
Категория: EBM, Dark Electro
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