Blutengel - Moments Of Our Lives (2008)

Blutengel - Moments Of Our Lives (2008)

GENRE..... Synthpop, Darkwave
LABEL...... Out Of Line
MODE....... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE.. Aug-29-2008

A Blutengel-concert is always an extraordinary and highly special affair with its dark atmosphere, the theatrical performance and the energy and spirit that the catchy Gothic-tunes evoke in an audience, resulting in them collectively going crazy over the music. A Blutengel-concert is like an audiovisual experience in cinemascope. It was, thus, rather obvious that a documentation of Blutengels "Labyrinth"-tour would have to be on DVD. And, as every shows unfolds a highly unique atmosphere of its own in the combination of the bands performance at a given evening, the location and the local crowd, the band decided to use material from not just one but from four shows for creating this new concert film.

This is the Audio CD from the Limited edition Boxset including 2DVD, a live album CD, 20-page booklet in DVD-Digipak.

Tracklist CD:
01. Beauty And Delight
02. Bloody Pleasures
03. Die With You
04. Keine Ewigkeit
05. Go To Hell
06. I Remember
07. Lucifer
08. Gloomy Shadows
09. When The Rain Is Falling
10. Lovekiller
11. Engelsblut
12. Oxidising Angel
13. Children Of The Night
14. Vampire Romance

Tracklist DVD:
01. Intro
02. Singing Dead Men
03. Beauty And Delight
04. Bloody Pleasures
05. My Savior
06. Die With You
07. Sunrise
08. Keine Ewigkeit
09. Black Roses
10. Go To Hell
11. I Remember Everything
12. Lucifer
13. Gloomy Shadows
14. When The Rain Is Falling
15. Lovekiller
16. Engelsblut
17. Seelenschmerz
18. Oxidising Angel
19. Children Of The Night
20. Der Spiegel
21. Vampire Romance
22. The Oxidising Angel

Live DVD and Bonus DVD. no Shrinked 1:1[/hide]
2 сентября 2008
Категория: Darkwave
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